• Season-friendly combos to try
      Spring: grated beets pine nuts and blue cheese canned mandarin oragnes, peanuts and red onion Summer: strawberries pecans and feta, grapes, cashews and green onions Fall: pears, walnuts and gorgonzola, cranberries, pumpkin seeds and
  • Stuck in a salad rut?

    An easy approach to tossed salads combines greens with fruit, nuts or seeds and cheese. Choose from whatever you have on hand or whatever you're craving. For a vegan twist, use onion or garlic instead of cheese. Toasted nuts are especia

  • Digital Edition now available!
    The 2014 Healthy Living Directory is now available digitally.
  • The Importance of Sleep
      Can’t get over your cold? Having a hard time losing weight? Prioritize getting a good night’s sleep. According to the Mayo Clinic, poor-quality sleep makes you more susceptible to viruses and may reduce your body’s ability to fight infection and inflammation. Studies also show that l